Samsung skipping IFA this year to hold its own virtual event

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Unlike most large-scale technology events, the organisers of IFA are still planning to host an in-person expo in Berlin come 3rd to 5th September. While it remains to be seen whether the three day-long event will still take place, it already has a high-profile cancellation in the form of Samsung.

The South Korean company has indeed confirmed that it will not have a presence at IFA 2020, instead opting to host its own virtual event.

While an official date for the virtual event is unknown, Samsung did tell TechCrunch that it planned to host a press conference in early September too.

“We have taken the exciting decision to share our latest news and announcements at our own digital event in early September. While Samsung will not be participating in IFA 2020, we look forward to our continued partnership with IFA in the future,” an unnamed spokesperson told the publication.

This decision isn’t at all surprising, as most large gatherings have been cancelled in 2020, and hosting a separate event is nothing new for Samsung, with its Galaxy Unpacked ones often happening before a big expo.

As for what will be on show during the virtual event. Samsung did not go into much detail, but past IFA press conferences have focused on the company’s wearables instead of its smartphones.

With 2020 bringing several challenges though, it would not surprise us if Samsung chooses to announce and unveil its latest Galaxy Note, wearable and smart devices in one event, instead of spreading it out over two or three.

That said, we’ll need to wait for more word from Samsung to find out what they have in store.

Perhaps of more interest though, is whether or not other big tech firms announce similar plans to abandon IFA this year. Given the spread of COVID-19 is still something being fought to this day, it may make an in-person IFA untenable.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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