The many faces of Klara – Isle of Armor’s best addition

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The Isle of Armor DLC, much like the base games Sword and Shield it expands upon, has been a mixed bag since launching in June.

You can find a nice breakdown of what this DLC adds to the game here and there are reviews aplenty online, but what we want to talk about today is more positive, and that is Klara.

Klara is a new NPC that you meet on the Isle of Armor. You’ll run into, and battle, her multiple times while playing through the very short main storyline on the island, but something seems to set her apart.

Compared to the other new NPCs and even those already in the base game, it really seems like developer Game Freak put a bit of extra effort into modelling and animating this character.

From speaking to other players of the DLC and reading through comments, this sentiment seems to be mirrored by the general community. It really does feel like some more time and care was put into Klara.

To try to show off some of this see the gallery below which collects some moments from the game involving Klara. While these aren’t outright spoilers for the DLC they can give away some key elements of it.

This is a bit of double-edged sword, however. The good work on Klara highlights the poor, stiff animations seen in most of the rest of the games. This has been an issue for other NPCs and Pokémon especially since day one. We can only hope that there’s more characters like Klara in upcoming The Crown Tundra DLC and future games.

If you like this vicarious trip through Pokémon see our similar story for the base games from last year. It’s one of the few places you can watch an Excadrill do the Naruto run.

With all of that in mind we do have some bad news. Klara is exclusive to Pokémon Shield. If you’re playing Pokémon Sword, Klara is replaced by the character Avery. As we played through Isle of Armor in Shield we can’t speak to what Avery is like, but it appears that he’s just as well realised as Klara.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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