This coming Sunday, 9th August, Formula 1 celebrates its 70th season of the sport but today we’re celebrating a partnership that’s been in place for a decade.

That partnership is between cybersecurity firm Kaspersky and Scuderia Ferrari.

The partnership has evolved over the years from a simple sponsorship to a partnership with Kaspersky providing security solutions to the F1 team and the Ferrari firm at large.

Today, Kaspersky says all of Ferrari’s endpoints are secured with its solutions.

“Formula One IT systems are quite advanced and specific, ranging from simulation to car performance measurement systems. They also employ multiple technologies, including high-performance computing and internally developed software. The customised nature of applications requires a more tailored security solution to protect our data. Kaspersky has assisted Ferrari to respond to our evolving requirements and threats by creating innovative and high performing products,” explains head of IT, security and compliance at Ferrari, Alessandro Sala.

The Ferrari head is not joking when it says its systems are highly customised. A few years ago we spoke to HPE South Africa about how Aston Martin Red Bull used tech to make sense of the 500GB of data an F1 car generates during a race. It’s incredibly fascinating and well worth a read.

But we’re not talking about data today. No, we have something strange that Scuderia Ferrari and Kaspersky have announced today.

That strange thing is a password generator.

If you head over to this website you will be able to read some information about the two firms and then generate a password that is related to Ferrari in some way.

The password is generated based on your answers to three questions.

The questions have to do with what your favourite car from a period was, who your favourite drivers are and more.

Once you’ve answered the questions a password is generated for you. Having gone through this process ourselves the password we received was 23 characters long with a blend of uppercase and lowercase text, numbers and special characters.

What is rather cool is being able to see how your answers to Kaspersky’s questions are used in the password.

All of that having been said, it is a bit complex compared to services such as LastPass which allow you to auto-generate a random password with a single click.

The other thing we have to mention is that by making your password something that you are familiar with, it makes it a bit easier for an attacker to guess your password.

Using this Ferrari themed password then is entirely at your own risk.

Still, if you are using password123456seven as your password, then please, go get yourself a better password from Kaspersky and Scuderia Ferrari.

[Image – CC BY SA 2.0 Artes Max]