Bryan Cranston has announced something rather special for fans of Malcolm in the Middle: a reunion of the original cast to raise money for charity.

As you may expect given the ongoing pandemic, especially in America, the event will be happening remotely by way of popular conference call software Zoom.

“…check us out this Saturday night 8/8 for a 20th anniversary celebration of the show’s premiere. The cast is back!! This time we’re reading the pilot episode on Zoom,” Cranston writes on Instagram.

Cranston goes on to explain that this is being organised by Malcom in the Middle creator Linwood Boomer to benefit the charity Healing California. This organisation provides vision, medical and dental healthcare, for free, for those who need it in the US state.

As for how the stream will generate money for Healing California, this is being done through the website Charitybuzz.

At the time of writing there is around 34 hours left to contribute through that website. There isn’t open donations but instead an ongoing bid to participate in the event on 8th August.

The winner will receive an acknowledgement by name, a few minutes to speak to the cast over Zoom, and signed memorabilia. These items include:

  • MITM Backpack — Signed by Bryan Cranston
  • MITM razor scooter
  • DVD first season
  • MITM Show soundtrack CD
  • MITM Playing cards
  • MITM T-shirt
  • MITM Yo-yo
  • MITM Board Game
  • MITM business tote
  • MITM collector’s cereal box
  • MITM season 3 cast and crew hat — Signed by Bryan Cranston

Surprisingly the current highest bid to win is $719 (~R12K). Given the fact that Cranston only announced the event a few hours ago, and the tendency for bidding to get more aggressive just before its end, we expect that number to get much higher.

While this is an American event the fact that it’s taking place entirely online means that anyone with enough money can make a play to win. For those people head to the bidding page here and try your luck.

Strangely enough we’ve been rewatching Malcolm in the Middle over the past few weeks and it really does hold up after all these years.