In 2019 Samsung surprised us with the sudden announcement of the Galaxy Fold.

Had we known that its release would be plagued by delays given how fragile the device was in the wild we’d have tempered our expectations.

But now that Sammy has launched a much more successful Z Flip, we’re keen to see what a second run at the Fold would look like and Samsung showed us today.

Dubbed the Galaxy Z Fold2, Samsung has made a number of improvements.

The first is the display up front.

Rather than a tiny, almost pointless display, there is now a full 6.2inch cover display. This comes after user feedback that the front display was used as often as the full display.

Unfolded, the Z Fold2 measures 7.6inches and both displays (external and internal) stretch from edge-to-edge.

Gone is the gaudy forehead we saw last generation and instead there is a single hole-punch selfie camera.

The handset sports a thinner body, and the screens sit closer together when the handset is folded.

Samsung says the hinge has been redesigned from the ground up and its more resilient. The Z Fold2 has a controlled opening at all stages of opening, just like it is in the Z Flip.

There are 60 components inside the hinge and they are all protected by Samsung’s sweeper technology that gets rid of dust and smaller particles.

But the real magic seems to be the display. Where once there was a very plastic feeling material, Samsung now uses ultra thin glass. We’ll have to see how this feels for ourselves but so far the handset looks promising.

Driving things along is a 4 500mAh battery that will reportedly last all day.

Unfortunately that is all we have right now but Samsung will be sharing more information about the Z Fold2 on 1st September.

We suspect we will learn more about pricing and availability locally then.

Brendyn Lotz writes news, reviews, and opinion pieces for Hypertext. His interests include SMEs, innovation on the African continent, cybersecurity, blockchain, games, geek culture and YouTube.