As more South Africans begin to embrace the new normal that is working from home, it may be time to look at the hardware your setup currently employs.

For most people, the notebook will form the beating heart of any work from home setup, and when looking for a new device in this category, four key elements need to go into a purchasing decision – display, performance, power and design.

Some elements may prove more important than others, depending on what the demands of your job entails, but those four elements remain the same for most people.

Luckily no matter which you value as most important – display, performance, power or design – Huawei’s new series of notebooks, the MateBook D 14 and 15 feature all four.

Not only that, Huawei has been able to deliver it in a premium package that costs far less than other similarly specced devices.

Available locally via the Huawei Store, the MateBook D 14 and 15 will both ship in South Africa from 7th August onwards.

Added to this is an impressive price tag, with both models starting at a recommended price of R13 499. As such, no matter which size you prefer, the MateBook D lineup won’t penalise you for opting for a smaller or larger display.

Speaking of displays, both the 14.0″ and 15.6″ models feature a vivid IPS panel that delivers a crisp Full HD 1920×1080 resolution.

This ensures that content pops off of the screen when viewing presentations and webinars, as well asĀ  being well suited for watching videos and movies thanks to the slim bezels on offer, serving up a screen-to-body-ratio of 84 percent on the D14 and 87 percent on the D15.

Shifting to performance, Huawei has not held back here either, with the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processors powering things. This is paired with Radeon Vega 8 graphics cards, as well as a generous 8GB DDR4 RAM, to keep the MateBook D ticking over smoothly and efficiently.

Next is battery life, and in this department, an equal amount of care has been given. With Huawei featuring a well-earned reputation when it comes to smartphone battery performance, the company has ensured the same type of battery life translates to the larger form factors of notebooks.

In this regard Huawei has fitted the D 14 with a large 56Wh battery and the D 15 with a slightly smaller 42Wh offering. The latter translates to up to 6.3 hours of battery life, which will keep you covered when it comes to a regular nine to five.

If you’re wanting a bit more battery life, the MateBook D 14 boasts up to 9.5 hours of battery life, which should definitely pique the interest of those wanting a high degree of portability from their notebooks.

Sticking with portability, the design of the new MateBook D range places an emphasis on a lightweight body. To that end a premium metallic chassis features on this range, which is not always present on notebooks priced in this bracket.

While the metallic body yields a superb premium finish, it also means the MateBook D 14 and 15 tip the scale at a light 1.38kg and 1.53kg respectively.

Huawei has also ensured that a number of handy elements have also been integrated into the design of the MateBook D series, such as a fingerprint sensor that doubles as a power button, taking care of both booting up and biometrics on the devices.

The ICT company has also thought about cross-device collaboration as a key part of the design of the MateBook D series. This as the notebooks sport a feature called HUAWEI Share that allows files and images to be shared from your smartphone sans any cables, along with them being edited straight from your notebook.

This feature also facilitates multitasking for those working from home with Multi-Screen Collaboration that ports your smartphone’s UI onto the screen of your MateBook D. You’re able to work on both devices from one single display and handle tasks like answering voice and video calls, as well as crafting text messages, with ease.

Huawei hasn’t forgotten about physical connectivity either, as there are a bevy of ports onboard too, so no need to worry about dongles, with a USB Type-C, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI and 3.5mm headphone jacks all catered for.

It’s clear to see then that the new Huawei MateBook D series has everything you could want from a premium notebook, all packaged in a svelte body. Add to this a price tag that puts other similarly specced notebooks to shame.

To find out how to order a Huawei MateBook D 14 or D15 for your work from home setup, head here.

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