After years of rumours and hushed talk Suicide Squad has finally been revealed as the next game from the acclaimed studio Rocksteady.

Rather unceremoniously this has been done by way of tweet. No flashy reveal trailer, no string of teasers and clues, no big event, nothing really. Just a picture and a date for when more will be revealed.

On 22nd August more of the game will be shown off at DC FanDome. This oddly named event is an all online replacement for the Comic Con experience and will focus solely on DC properties.

When it was announced back in June we learned that games would be featured in a digital hall called WatchVerse which will also cover movies, shows and any other similar types of home entertainment.

DC FanDome will be free to attend but we have to imagine that any big announcements will be made official elsewhere, so again it’s back to waiting.

As for that included image it seems to be some version of Superman. The Suicide Squad name has been turned into a crosshair, so perhaps the focus of the game will be the ultimate assassination of Superman and other super powered heroes.

With Rocksteady being DC royalty thanks to the Arkham games we expect things to be in good hands here, but their are rumours that this title will have some kind of live service or games as a service model. We’ll have to wait until later this month to find out the truth.

The announcement tweet from the developer is embedded below but there’s now also a verified Twitter account specifically for the game under @suicidesquadRS. This account only has the exact same tweet as below together with the 22nd August date as its profile bio.