With the 19th November release date of Cyberpunk 2077 still a quarter of a year away, its developer has given us more new content to watch while we continue to wait.

This has taken the form of the second episode of Night City Wire, an event which was first held back in June and combines new trailers with insight from the people currently working on the game.

Like the first episode, this new entry is around 25 minutes long and has three main focuses.

The first focus is on the so-called lifepaths which players can choose which will affect the start of their games. Three three choices are between Street Kid, Nomad or Corporate.

Street Kids grew up in Night City and are already familiar with its shady parts, Nomads come from the Mad Max-esque Badlands, and Corporate are the sleazy suite wearers who still get their hands dirty.

Regardless of your chosen path its confirmed that you will still be able to interact with each unique worth that the paths come from as they all clash throughout the game.

The second focus is for those who have been enjoying the music linked to the game so far, created by real band Refused. This Swedish outlet is providing the music for fictional band Samurai, which features Johnny Silverhand, as played by Keanu Reeves.

Two songs (Chippin’ In and Never Fade Away) were released around a year ago, and now two more join them – The Ballad of Buck Ravers and A Like Supreme.

Finally there’s the ‘tools of destruction” portion of Night City Wire which focuses on the weapons and armaments you will be using to “coerce” your way through Cyberpunk 2077.

These are broken into categories:

  • Cyberware: Body implants with a kick such as the famous Mantis Blades.
  • Melee weapons: To live your weeb fantasy. A thermal samurai sword is shown off.
  • Tech weapons: Electromagnetic projectile guns that can shoot through walls.
  • Smart weapons: Guided projectiles so you can curve the bullet.
  • Power weapons: Similar to regular ballistic, gunpowder firearms. Feature ricocheting bullets.
  • Throwables: No description or gameplay provided but we expect the usual stuff like throwing knives and ninja stars.
  • Weapon mods: Broken into two types – attachments like scopes and silencers and software which change weapon statistics.

The weapons here are tied into RPG elements, so your gunplay will get better as you level up and there is a rarity system to the ones you can find and take off of enemies. There are also unique legendary weapons waiting out there for players to find.

The third episode of Night City Wire will be out “soon”.