Popular peripheral and controller manufacturer Hori has revealed that its Split Pad Pro will soon be in three new colours after the product was only available with branding from the game Daemon X Machina.

Midnight Blue, Transparent Black and Volcanic Red will soon go up for pre-orders, though no date has been given.

As a quick reminder of what the Split Pad Pro is: this two-part controller is basically a replacement for the official Nintendo Joy-Cons. They’re cheaper than the first party offering, but come with a few caveats, namely the lack of an internal battery allowing only handheld play and there’s no rumble, gyro or amiibo support.

While that may sound like a massive downside when we reviewed the original Split Pad Pro we were rather smitten by it and it remains highly recommended for majority handheld players who require bigger controls.

We have to say we much prefer all three of these new colours compared to the original Daemon X Machina branding. While it was very subtle and didn’t have any brash logos or branding, these new offerings just look that much better.

Even the Transparent Black version, which most resembles the original, is more subdued with its black thumbsticks instead of the bright red of the old variant.

While Hori products are officially available in South Africa, the Split Pad Pro was difficult to find and right now you’d have to import one through Raru and the UK.

The three new colours offered by Hori will sell in the US for $49.99 (~R878). The MSRP of a pair of Nintendo Joy-Cons in America is $79.99 (~R1 405) so you are saving a lot by going the Hori route.

The Daemon X Machina version is still being sold by Hori for the same price as the new colours. 

Midnight Blue


Transparent Black

Volcanic Red