Back on 5th May, the official Twitter Support account announced that a new feature was going to be tested on iOS: a suggestion to edit your tweet before sending it should the social network detect the use of “language that could be harmful”.

This limited test is now being rolled out to the general public on Android, Twitter’s main website, and continuing on iOS.

Based on feedback from the small scope iOS testing, Twitter has implemented two updates to the system:

  • “If you see a prompt, it’ll include more info on why you received it
  • We’ve improved how we consider the context of the conversation before showing a prompt.”

You can see an example of this in the mock screenshot below. The options provided to the user writing the potentially offensive tweet are to revise it, send as intended, or to simply delete.

This feature reminds us a bit of another new addition in the form of a prompt asking users if to read an article before retweeting it. With the platform continuing to be a hotbed of hate and vitriol any steps from the company to try and make its users more thoughtful is a welcome change.

That being said, as always, users have a different idea. In replies to this announcement people are once again asking for an edit button on the site. In this context it makes more sense as Twitter is asking you to edit before tweeting, but calls for an edit button have been rife for as long as the platform has been around.

For those wondering, yes, @all_the_sportz is a real Twitter account created in April 2017. It’s a protected account which we assume is used internally by the platform to test out features as the same account has been used in other new feature announcements in the past.

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