Now more than ever a good pair of all-day earphones are an important purchase for just about everyone, even while we’re all stuck at home.

In an average day you can go from conference calls to phone conversations, casual video watching on your break to an important video meeting, tunes for working out to music to help you focus.

In any given 24 hours you’re listening to a lot of audio and you need to have some hardware on hand that can perform at its peak all of the time.

Thankfully, here in South Africa, global brand 1MORE has just launched its ColorBuds range of earphones which stick to the new standard for personal in-ear devices: one bud for each ear, a wireless charging case to keep them powered up throughout the day, and multiple silicon ear tips in the box to fit you perfectly.

The ColorBuds aren’t just nice to look at in the sleek Midnight Black you can see above. These come tuned by Grammy winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi to reproduce music just as the artists intended for you to hear it.

While look and feel are both artful endeavours, it’s when you look at the raw numbers that the ColorBuds really impress.

First is the weight of each bud – just 4.1 grams. The low weight combined with careful ergonomic design and the included ear tip options means that you’ll have a comfortable listening experience all day.

And we do mean all day. At full charge the buds themselves can work continuously for six hours. Include the power from the charging case and that’s bumped up to 22 hours. If you’re dying to make up those last two hours the included Type-C USB charging cable can give you those two hours of charge back in just 15 minutes.

While these kinds of earphones have always been about audio quality, the need to have a decent microphone on hand has become paramount of late. Again the ColorBuds have you covered thanks to a multi-microphone array that employs cVc 8.0 Environmental Noise Cancellation. As we all shout “what?!” due to home noises interrupting calls, you can sit in peace without any interruptions, on top of enjoying your music in peace.

For those who look for this feature for the now closed noisy gyms, the IPX5 water and sweat resistance will come in handy for those home workouts and to protect against any accidental spills.

All of this and more – like touch controls, support for Android and iOS, and 10 metre Bluetooth range – fit into the charging case which is small enough to slip into any pocket when you do need to leave the house. At 60 x 30 x 38 millimetres we really do mean small.

Now for maybe the most important number of all: 10 percent off. If you use promo code HTXT1MORE before 31st August, you can get 10 percent off the ColorBuds and other 1MORE products. The E1001BT earphones are excluded from this, as are items already on sale, but who can say no to paying less than the asking price?

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