Whether you have been eyeing an expansion or overhaul of your application’s architectures or you are about to embark on a journey toward cloud integration, the complexity of the technology is intimidating to say the least.

What’s more is that at the pace which technology evolves, keeping up with new developments can be tough.

While deciding on the technology is important what is perhaps most vital is choosing a trusted partner that can assist and guide your decisions toward what is best suited for your applications but even this is easier said than done.

Before one knows what solutions are needed it’s important to assess what your application architecture currently looks like. Start by looking at every application your company uses and understand how it adds value to your business, what data it houses or collects and how applications operate in-tandem with each other.

From here you are able to start looking at how you can save costs by adopting software-as-a-service solutions, whether hybrid environments are better suited. While it might be nice to use your own customer retention management software, consider whether alternatives serviced by larger enterprises would suit your needs. By using existing services your business isn’t caught doing the heavy lifting.

As a value added digital distributor, Westcon-Comstor seeks how to bring more to the table than you need, often with cost-savings in mind.

But as we mentioned, information is vital on any journey that involves the cloud so that your experts are able to advise on what best suits your needs.

That means you should be prepared to answer questions or at the very least state that if Application A is removed, Application X will stop functioning.

Of course during this process security should always be a consideration. By moving to a secure cloud architecture you may have to move to new authentication and access management technologies and considerations regarding which users are able to access data should be made.

Westcon-Comstor serves as a distributor for robust application vendors such as F5 which offer up solutions suited for the needs of businesses in an ever evolving world.

Businesses around the globe use F5’s broad set of application security, traffic management, cloud and optimisation solutions. Whether you are looking for protection for your application infrastructure or want to implement a carrier grade network solution, F5 has a broad catalogue of solutions.

And to guide you on that journey Westcon-Comstor is able to provide expert advice and guidance.

To get started with updating your application infrastructure or embark on a secure cloud journey with F5 get in touch with Westcon-Comstor today.

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