Another week, another high profile hack.

This week, or rather last week, it was the turn of Momentum Metropolitan which has this morning alerted shareholders to a “cyber attack”.

The attack appears to be your run-of-the-mill data breach of one of Momentum Metropolitan’s subsidiaries though the group didn’t say which subsidiary.

According to a note to its shareholders, “The Group became aware of a data breach on its network on Thursday 13 August 2020 and immediately activated its IT security incident plan, which included the implementation of additional systems monitoring and the reinforcement of its IT security. The Group’s IT teams have been working non-stop to ensure that service to clients remains unaffected.”.

How the attackers managed to breach the Momentum Metropolitan subsidiary is unclear at this stage.

The good news is that, so far, an investigation into the incident has revealed that no Momentum Metropolitan client or member data was accessed.

“Information accessed contains administrative and financial data that is not expected to prejudice any stakeholders of the Group,” the financial services firm said.

Authorities have been alerted and the investigation into the incident continues.

While the world fights the deadly COVID-19 it’s important to remember that cybercriminals are using lockdowns around the world to their advantage.

Back in May, Mimecast published research in which it observed the first 100 days of the COVID-19 pandemic and how cybercriminals used the pandemic to their advantage.

While Mimecast saw an increase in malware attacks spam/opportunistic threats, impersonations and blocked URL clicks all increased.

With social engineering attacks on the rise we could all stand to be a bit more aware of our communications.

As this incident with Momentum Metropolitan shows us, no company is immune to cybercrime.

[Source – Momentum Metropolitan][Image – CC 0 Pixabay]