Jurassic Park, or more specifically the rebranded Jurassic World franchise, is now officially in Minecraft thanks to a new DLC bundle revealed and released recently.

“Craft and train dinosaurs, build exhibits, manage the park, and open it for business. Use vehicles and your team of NPCs to solve disasters or go on expeditions to find dino DNA. See how long you can keep the park open for a high score!” reads the official description for the DLC.

This new content, titled simply “Jurassic World”, contains 21 skins for characters and more than 60 dinosaurs, including hybrids.

You can see much of this new DLC in the trailer embedded below. Those worried that it will only contain content from the new movies will be happy to see familiar faces from the original films too.

Our favourite part of the trailer has to be the perfectly spherical Gyrosphere rendered as a square frame. It looks less like the characters are rolling around in a futuristic vehicle and more like someone using telekinesis to move around some scaffolding.

The Jurassic World DLC is not free and will need to be purchased from the Minecraft Market. The price there is 1 340 Minecoins which, in real money, is reported to be $7.99 (~R138).

There’s also a free rare item in the Character Creator, a blue hoodie that looks a lot like a raptor, complete with a tail.

For those interested in managing a Jurassic Park of their own, without needing to do it through Minecraft, the 2018 game Jurassic World Evolution is probably what you’re looking for.