It is the second week of level 2 lockdown for the country, and while some restrictions have been lifted, there is still the rising number of cases for COVID-19 in South Africa to contend with.

The latest figures from the National Department of Health (NDoH) though, point to a decrease in the number of new daily infections. A month ago they regularly surpassed the 11k mark, but the past 24 hours has seen them fall to 1 677.

This still brings the total number of infections for COVID-19 in South Africa to date to 611 450, but the decrease in new cases is at least cause for optimism for the NDoH.

Again, recoveries have been highlighted as a positive, with 516 494 recoveries recorded to date. This translates to a recovery rate of 84 percent, which shows a slow, but steady incline in this category.

That said, there is still a rise in the number of COVID-19-related deaths, which now sits at 13 159. There were 100 new fatalities recorded over the past 24 hours, with the NDoH noting that 14 are from KwaZulu-Natal, 36 in Mpumalanga, 12 from Gauteng, eight from Limpopo, 11 from the Eastern Cape and 19 from the Western Cape.

The full breakdown of COVID-19 in South Africa is as follows:

Province Confirmed Cases Recoveries Active cases Deaths
Western Cape 104667 93788 10879 3745
Eastern Cape 85240 80614 4626 2800
Northern Cape 9322 6106 2859 106
Free State 35367 20678 14689 567
KwaZulu-Natal 110102 92342 17760 1962
North West 24371 17008 7363 224
Mpumalanga 23163 21049 2114 296
Gauteng 206525 174248 32277 3280
Limpopo 12643 10661 1982 179
Unknown 50
TOTAL 611450 516494 94956 13159

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[Image – UN COVID-19 Response]