The surprisingly popular obstacle course battle royale, Fall Guys, has taken a step to fight cheating today by disabling Steam Family Sharing for the time being.

Family Sharing has been a great piece of Steam functionality for years now and is attended to allow friends and family under the same roof to shares games and play with each other without the need to buy multiple copies of the game.

This has, unfortunately, been picked up as a tactic by cheaters and has warranted the change, as per this announcement:

“We discovered cheaters were using Family-Sharing to get around our banning system on Steam by creating new accounts and sharing with themselves, so we’ve unfortunately had to disable that for now. It should massively help with the cheating issues though!”

Despite its light-hearted nature and colourful aesthetic, Fall Guys has been struggling with cheats of various kinds since it launched on 4th August. If you look on a place like YouTube for terms such as “cheater” or “hacker” you’ll find countless results.

Revoking Family Sharing is just the latest developer Mediatonic has taken to curb this problem. In a recent tweet the official account for Fall Guys called dealing with cheaters “a top priority for us.”

“At the moment, when a cheater is detected, they are able to finish the current show before being blocked. We are going to start taking more immediate action soon As mentioned before: It isn’t necessary to manually report cheaters,” the tweet continues.

That statement was made less than a day before Family Sharing was axed, so we assume this is the more immediate action mentioned. This is just another case of cheaters ruining it for everyone, so we can only hope the functionality comes back soon together with a better anti-cheat system.

In other Fall Guys news its charity bidding campaign keeps racking up the dollars, and there’s rumours floating around about mobile and Nintendo Switch ports.