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Crow, new smoothies added to Grounded

Early Access “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” survival title Grounded has rolled out its 0.2.0 August update with the big new feature being a giant crow that now inhabits the game.

To mark the occasion a trailer for the update was uploaded to the official Xbox YouTube channel which also acts as a thank you the millions of players who have jumped into the game already.

Rather cleverly the addition of the crow has been labelled as “giving you the bird”.

While that’s a good joke, our favourite comes from a combination of the patch notes and some internet comments. The latter point out that the addition of the crow, combined with new smoothie recipes from the patch notes, can only mean one thing: Fight Milk.

This classic bit from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia isn’t really in the game, but we can imagine. Obsidian, consider it for the September update.

Back to the August update and the new features that have been added to Grounded are:

  • Bird! – Includes new crafting materials and recipes from bird feathers.
  • Perk system with 13 unique perks to discover!
  • New BURG.L Quest types: Artificer (crafting quests) and Chipsleuth (quests asking you to locate BURG.L chips).
  • Added Fence buildings (Sprig and Acorn).
  • Added Table buildings (Grass and Clover).
  • Added Water Flea ambient insect to flooded biome.

The new smoothies are listed further down the patch notes under the “other” section: “A couple of new smoothies can be whipped up at the smoothie station”.

If you want to give Grounded a try it’s included with Xbox Game Pass so subscribers can play without any additional purchases. Those who prefer to own it outright can also buy it from Steam or the Microsoft Store for PC and Xbox One.

[Image – MissFlowers / It’s Always Sunny fan wiki]

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