Expansion brings esports to PC Building Simulator

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PC Building Simulator, a game which is exactly what it sounds like, has launched a new expansion which focuses on building computers for NPCs taking part in competitive, fictional games like “Heart of Stone” and “Fortfight”.

While the games aren’t real the hardware is. Like the base game the expansion uses computer components from real manufacturers like MSI, Razer, Corsair, NZXT and many more. Both card manufactures – AMD and Nvidia – are also represented.

“Be the unsung hero of every Esports team – the tech support! Start with a humble team, and rise up the ranks as you juggle demands from players, sponsors and the team manager. Manage the team’s tech budget, put the right sponsor parts in your builds, and try to remain calm when something crucial fails on match day!,” reads the official description of the expansion.

In the trailer below you can see that there’s a meta aspect to proceedings too. You’re not just mindlessly building but also managing offers from competing esports teams, balancing the cost of components, and making repairs and changes under pressure when things go wrong on match days.

Right now the base game is 50 percent off on Steam and the expansion is 10 percent off until 11th August.

It’s been a few hours and the new content currently has a Mixed reception with 65 percent of the current reviews being positive.

Looking at some of the reviews early players seem to like the change to regular PC Building Simulator experience but have some issues with the price and the DLC not showing up after purchase. We have to wonder if the latter problem is linked to a recent issue on Steam where game ownership was affected.

This was fixed just a few hours ago at the time of writing so hopefully those affected take the advice below and restart the programme.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.