Here’s the entire Pokémon: Twilight Wings series

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Announced in December 2019 and released throughout 2020, Pokémon: Twilight Wings has come to a close after seven episodes of rather impressive animation.

A few hours ago the seventh and final episode was released like all the others – for free on YouTube.

This final episode, entitled “Sky”, focuses on the Galar region champion Leon, and is the longest of all the episodes at close to ten minutes long. All previous episode have hovered around the six minute mark, so you’re getting a bit extra here to end things off.

As for the episode itself… it’s kind of disappointing. Instead of seeing the big match between Leon and Raihan in its entirety you only get to see snippets. The titanic battle between Gigantamax Charizard and Duraludon looked fantastic, for the literal seconds we got to see of it.

Overall this series was a really great watch but felt a bit scattered overall. The two children characters, which reappear in this final episode, were meant to be a way to connect many of the episodes but it’s much better to watch this as an anthology where each episode is its own (pocket) monster.

As a free product its definitely worth your time, and your data, to watch. We may even recommend this to people who aren’t Pokémon fans but want to see some new animation.

Episode seven of Twilight Wings can be watched on its own right here. The entire series, as a YouTube playlist, has been embedded below. Combined the series is just over 47 minutes long.

Once you’re finished with this we highly suggest Pokémon Generations, a 20 episode series that shares a lot of similarities with Twilight Wings in the fact that it’s also entirely free on YouTube and is of exceptional quality. Generations has a more serious tone and a lot more actual Pokémon battling, compared to the more introspective nature of this newer series.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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