Recently we finally got word about season two of The Mandalorian releasing from 30th October this year. Unfortunately that news did not come with a trailer, but we now have some stills from the new episodes.

As with many shows and movies these were just unveiled by Entertainment Weekly. Thankfully, if you’d prefer not to visit that site or don’t like its watermarks, the images have been uploaded to Instagram by the official Star Wars account.

So what’s to see? The seven images feature all returning cast members – and puppets – from the breakout first season, so don’t expect anything too new here.

If you’re looking for some conjecture we can offer some… in the form of Carl Weathers’ facial hair. Compared to his original look his character seems to be sporting more hair in season two.

This usually means some decent amount of time has passed since the last episode of the first season. But, again, that’s just a guess. Also: Giancarlo Esposito’s character Moff Gideon still has the same thin upper facial hair as the first season.

At this point we would recommend that anyone who is new to the show go and watch the first season before the second releases at the end of next month. Unfortunately that’s impossible to do – at least legally – in most countries.

The Mandalorian’s home on the Disney Plus streaming service is still not available in many countries, South Africa included. We just have to hope that we’ll be roped in so, and the release of The Mandalorian season two while still under lockdown seems like the perfect time to do it. We know you’re not used to the term “free”, Disney, but that idea is on the house.