Users have been begging to get an edit button on Twitter ever since the social media platform launched, and they were given a bit of hope for that over the weekend.

Certain users, such as @tomwarren embedded below, seemed to have found a type of workaround to edit a tweet.

As shown in the video, the text of a deleted tweet reply would show up again if someone were to try and reply to the same tweet a second time.

This was interpreted as some soft testing on the part of Twitter to allow users to finally edit tweets.

Stealth rollouts and unnanounced testing of new features is nothing new for Twitter or any other social media site, so the hope grew.

Unfortunately this was not as it seemed. According to Liz Kelleye, who is credited as a Product Communications Lead at Twitter on LinkedIn, informed everyone that this was just a bug.

We tried to replicate this ourselves with no luck. Either Twitter has already squashed the bug or our territory or version of the app was never affected by it in the first place.

For those wondering about the header image above, it’s a famous scene from The Naked Gun where Leslie Nielsen tells a crowd “Nothing to see here! Please disperse!” as a building explodes behind him.

Because Twitter users have been so rapidly requesting an edit button any whiff of it actually happening would illicit a response like this.

[Source – The Verge]
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