While we will always advocate against pre-ordering games publishers and developers usually do a good job of providing incentives and faux availability to get a player’s money before release day. Star Wars: Squadrons is no different, though the offer is very minimal: a skin for Fortnite.

Those who pre-order the game on the Epic Games Store before midnight, 2nd October well unlock the Vanguard Squadron X-wing Glider. Those who take Epic and EA up on the offer will simply need to log into Fortnite with the same account used to buy the game, and the glider will be in their locker.

You can see the glider in the header image above.

Even if the lone glider skin was enough to convince you to pre-order, we still recommend against it. This is because you will be able to buy it separately in the future.

According to an FAQ about this incentive, “The Vanguard Squadron X-wing Glider will also be available for purchase from time to time inside the Fortnite in-game shop.” Like all pre-orders, then, it seems simply waiting and watching will be the best option here.

This offer is stacked on top of another promotion which is available on all platforms and stores: skins for both New Republic and Imperial pilots and ships.

In other Star Wars: Squadrons news EA has released an animated short simply called “Hunted” which shows off the last few minutes of a conflict which the remaining Imperial forces had lost.

Interestingly a TIE Fighter pilot is the POV character for the short. Balancing the traditionally “evil” Imp characters with the more beloved rebels will be a balancing act that Squadrons will need to pull off. The short also scratches our itch for dogfights that wasn’t really scratched in The Mandalorian.