Earlier this evening Sony held its PS5 Showcase event, with the company set to reveal more footage and announcements for upcoming titles on its next-gen console.

While that was one reason to watch the event, to be honest we were only concerned with one aspect – price and availability – after Microsoft revealed its global and local details for the Xbox Series X and S last week.

Thankfully Sony did not leave us hanging and finally provided both recommended global pricing and availability of the Disc Version and Digital Edition of the PS5 console.

To that end the latter is listed at $399.99 (~R6 503) and $499.99(~R8 129) for the former. We’ve placed price in Rands in brackets given the exchange rate at the time of writing, as we’re yet to find out how much both consoles will retail for locally.

Hopefully that information will be forthcoming this week, so for now we can only speculate what import duties and other costs are factored into the local price.

We also got confirmation for when the consoles will launch, with it starting in selected countries come 12th November, including US, Japan, Canada, Australia and South Korea. For us in SA, we fall under the Rest of the World category, which is currently slated for 19th November.

Whether we stick to that window, remains to be seen.

As for the games, not much stuck out during the PS5 Showcase, with the only exceptions being the Miles Morales gameplay for Marvel’s Spider-Man, and the surprise announcement of God of War Ragnarok, which is set for release some time in 2021.

With the console wars being a little lukewarm of late, now that Sony and Microsoft have revealed pricing and services for their next-gen consoles, things are finally starting to heat up.