If you’ve felt that survival games and horror games just don’t have enough dinosaurs in them, Jurassic World Aftermath is here to make things right.

Announced recently by the official Jurassic World Twitter account, the game is a PV VR title which is exclusive to the Oculus Quest platform right now.

“You just crash landed onto Isla Nublar and Velociraptors are stalking your every move. Your only path to safety is to think quickly and move fast,” reads a description for the game.

As you can see in the trailer below the game borrows a lot from Alien: Isolation. We’re not saying that Isolation has a patent on hiding under desks and in cupboards from terrifying monsters, but Aftermath really reminds us of that game, which can also be played in VR.

Aftermath has a dedicated page on the Oculus website where we can learn a bit more about it.

In terms of timeline in the Jurassic World universe this game takes place two years after the park was destroyed. The player character has ventured into the deathtrap to recover research material from a facility, while trying to dodge Velociraptors.

Unlike Isolation this game leans heavily on a stylised aesthetic that is very much on the cartoonish side. We can’t help but feel like this will detract from the horror aspect, but we obviously won’t know until we have a Quest strapped on and we can play for a while. The brain has a way of ignoring things like this once in VR, so maybe it won’t be a big deal.

“A new Jurassic look for VR. Vibrant cell-shaded visuals enhance the intensity and the thrills. The result is an immersive Jurassic World experience designed exclusively for virtual reality,” continues the description from the Oculus site.

Jurassic World Aftermath is slated to be out “soon” but no release date or even release period has been revealed yet.