If it wasn’t clear from the headline this story contains major spoilers for Hades. 

A few hours ago Supergiant Games’ Hades finally released its 1.0 after years of Early Access.

Something that most people were waiting for was a proper ending for the game. In the past beating the final boss – your dad, the titular Hades – resulted in the game simply restarting.

As this was in Early Access a voiceover explains that there’s no real ending yet and asks the player to instead pretend that Hades won the fight.

After a 5.5GB patch to bring the game to its 1.0 state, there is now what Supergiant Games calls “the true ending“, which you can watch us play through below.

So Zagreus defeats Hades as usual, steps through the final gate, and a title card explains that we’re no longer in the underworld but instead Greece.

After walking through the snow we’ve seen for so long in the Hades fight, Zagreus sees the sun for the first time. Not knowing if it’s day or night in the underworld was brought up multiple times by many characters in dialogue, so seeing the sun for the first time is a special moment here.

Finally Zagreus meets his real mother Persephone after all this time. Finding Persephone becomes the real goal of the game other than simply escaping the underworld, but things don’t last as Zagreus then dies again and is put right back into the house of Hades.

It seems Supergiant Games has had to come up with an ending for the game that brings some closure but still provides some kind of reason that you can play it over and over again. Unlike other roguelikes Hades also had some story or lore reason as to why you can endlessly die here – your father being lord of the dead and your escapes in the mythological version of hell was that reason.

So it seems Zagreus cannot live on Earth like mortals or even other gods, but you will be able to visit Persephone again after every successful run.

We haven’t had time to beat Hades more than once since it left Early Access, so we’ll have to keep racking up the wins in the coming days to progress the story with Persephone and the rest of the game’s characters. Hopefully more closure and / or an even more final ending exists.

If you’ve read this far just because you had no intention of ever playing this game, we still recommend picking it up. If you do give our starter guide a read to survive the early game.