LEGO has announced set 75318 – a massive, buildable recreation of The Child (colloquially Baby Yoda) that while impressively sized, isn’t big enough.

75318: The Child is 1 073 pieces and, according to the official product page on, has the following dimensions when built: 19 centimetres tall, 21 centimetres wide and 13 centimetres deep.

While The Child is a fictional character 1:1 toys of it already exist and measure in at 41.91 centimetres tall. While LEGO has never been a company that focuses on life size recreations, a 1:1 build of a small character like this would have been appreciated.

This smaller LEGO version will be selling for £69.99, $79.99 or €79.99 depending on where you live with pre-orders open today in certain territories. South Africa usually gets prices closer to ones in the UK. At the time of writing £69.99 converts to around R1 500.

Start putting that money away if you want to pick one up when it launches on 30th October.

Features included here are a representation of The Child’s favourite toy (a silver gearshift knob), possable ears, moving fingers and a small display stand with a plaque.

This marks the third time that LEGO has made a version of Baby Yoda. Set 75292: The Razor Crest features one made to be in the same scale as minifigures, while set 75317: The Mandalorian & The Child is larger and made to be similar to a Funko Pop in LEGO’s BrickHeadz theme. The minifig scale version of The Child is included in this new set too.

Speaking of other sets this is related to 75255: Yoda came out last year and is very similar to this new build in terms of scale and building techniques. Outside of the fact that these two characters are the same fictional species, the similarities between the two toys are very apparent.

[Via – Brickset]