With both Sony and Microsoft having thrown the covers off of their respective forthcoming consoles, the focus has now shifted to acquiring said consoles.

With Sony having already put its console up for pre-order locally last week, and stock being sold at lightning speed, we now to look to see if Xbox proves as popular as PlayStation.

So where can you pre-order your console if you’re an Xbox fan? Thankfully a few local retailers have revealed that they will have the console available for pre-order.

Raru has announced that it will have pre-orders available from 09:00 on 22nd September.

Loot has an image advertising the console on its homepage but clicking that image takes you to a page declaring the console hasn’t been listed. With that having been said we recommend hitting F5 on Loot tomorrow morning from 09:00.

Local gaming retailer BT Games is also advertising that its website will be taking pre-orders.

Unfortunately, that’s as far as our list goes.

While there are likely to be many more retailers who will be taking pre-orders they aren’t advertising that fact so you’re very much at the mercy of checking individual websites and hoping they aren’t snowed under with excess traffic.

With that in mind we recommend checking with Takealot, Incredible Connection and Makro as well as the likes of HiFi Corp on Tuesday morning to see if they have the console available for pre-order.

These retailers often have the current generation of consoles in stock so we’re hoping they list the next generation as well.

With all this talk of pre-orders we should caution our readers about the dangers of buying something before you know how well it performs. We’re not saying that Microsoft’s console won’t perform as promised but we also can’t guarantee the claims it has made until we get the thing in our own hands.

With that having been said, given how quickly stock of the PS5 was depleted it’s probably best to be prepared for 09:00 when the pre-orders open if you want your console on launch day.

That is assuming those deliveries aren’t fumbled.