Written by Ali Haider on behalf of Universal Robotics.

Robots perform autonomous tasks without any human assistance. What enables robots to perform these tasks?

Robot software is what drives the robots to perform the tasks. Robot software is a set of coded commands or instructions that tells the robot what to do. The software makes the programming of robots easier.

Some robotic software is meant to develop the intelligence of the mechanical device and the electronic system. The software’s typical tasks are feedback loops, control, pathfinding, and data filtering, locating, and sharing data.

There are numerous types of robot software in the market today. Each type of software performs specific tasks. Every robot manufacturer has particular robot software.

However, most of the software is about manipulating data and displaying the result on-screen. The robot software is used for the manipulation of objects or tools in the real world.

Universal Industrial Robot Software

The software for industrial robots consists of data objects and lists of instructions called the program flow. Universal robotic machines have a variety of software installed in them. The type of software depends on the nature of robots. The following are some of the robot software used in Universal robots:

3D Machine Builder Software

With 3D machine builder software, you can design and order custom robot cells online. The software enables Universal robot users to create, simulate easily, and order robot cell equipment directly from the web browser.

You can create customised equipment like robot pedestals, 7th axis, and assembly jigs in minutes.

The software can be ordered and delivered worldwide as a kit, ready for assembly. It does not require any subsequent manufacturing. 3D machine builder has the following unique features:

  • It is free to use and can run directly on your web browser.
  • It is highly intuitive and tailored for quick and easy design of robot cell equipment.
  • It can be added to any designs to conduct reach simulation.
  • The price and assembly time of the equipment is displayed in real-time throughout the design process.

Actin SDK Software

Actin is robotic software for complex tasks like bin picking, inspection, and specific tasking. The software has a robotics control and simulation package that brings new capabilities to your UR robot.

Actin has real-time adaptive robot control, simulation ad tasking. It is built to meet the complex requirements of industrial, commercial, collaborative, and consumer robotics applications. A robot that is installed with actin software is able to follow paths defined in CAD.

The UR robot follows the paths without self-collisions, collision with the environment, singularities, and joint limits. Actin is ideal when you need to coordinate multiple robots or additional axes to the arm to extend the workplace.

Actin real-time collision avoidance, coordinated control of high DOF manipulators, and multi-arm framework will open up new applications for your UR robots.

ArtMinds RPS Force Module

ArtMinds software is designed to make your robot intelligent. The RPS force module has force-controlled motions that the robot can address process variances in real-time by adapting its action like a human.

The readings from force-torque-sensor control the movement. The number of tasks that can be automated robustly in your robot can be increased by adding tactile sensitivity.

You can choose the force-torque-sensor that suits your job perfectly and solve the toughest automation challenge. The force-torque-sensors include cable wiring, electronics assembly, and tight-tolerance fitting, plastic part mounting, or polishing.

You can also add force-controlled motions to your robot. The force-controlled actions are essential when:

  • The workpiece poses differ and are hard to fix.
  • Deformed materials lead to not entirely predictable workpiece behaviour
  • When workpieces change surface properties or geometry
  • When you need to monitor the process forces and torques
  • If the workpieces require to be handled with great care.
[Image – Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash]