The past week has seen many iPhone users get to grips with the new features included in iOS 14, with the home screen widgets and customisation likely being the most notable.

There are also a few other interesting features that have been added to the mix for this operating system, and The Verge has discovered one that pertains to the mail client. To that end, iOS 14 users will be able to set Gmail as their default mail app.

The set up is relatively straightforward, with users heading to the Settings app once the latest version of iOS has been downloaded. From there, a new Default Mail App menu can be found with the Gmail option. Once you’ve selected Gmail as the default option, the app will then prompt users with a set of instructions thereafter.

Image via The Verge.

With Chrome also available as an option to be set as the default browser in iOS 14 too, it looks like Apple is opening up its ecosystem just a tad to other software developers.

While Chrome might prove a better option than Safari, especially on mobile, the switch for Gmail does not make as much sense in our view, particularly as the Apple mail client works perfectly well as is. It also integrates solidly with Gmail and other mail clients.

That said, if Google-related services are your go-to, perhaps this option will prove useful. We still think few iOS 14 users will be making Gmail the default, however.

[Image – Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash]
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