Lenovo recently revealed a range of new notebooks, as many other manufacturers have done of late ever since Intel revealed its 11th Gen processors at the beginning of the month. Zeroing in on the new devices that have been brought to the fore, it is the ThinkPad range that piques our interest at the moment.

This as Lenovo is finally ready to take pre-orders for its intriguing X1 Fold device, as well as introduced a new offering in the lightweight X1 Nano notebook.

We’ve known about the X1 Fold for some time now, even getting hands on time with a prototype version at last year’s Lenovo Tech World in Beijing. The device that is going up for pre-order is similar to the iteration that we encountered, but crucially adds a few more design elements to make it feel like a ThinkPad offering, as well as a few improvements to the overall performance.

On that front an enhance frame and back cover are present, as well as the Mod Pen stylus being added to the mix for annotating documents when finger won’t cut it on the 13.3″ OLED touch display. Added to this is the ability to set it up with the aforementioned Intel chips, along with being compatible with Project Athena.

As for the pre-orders, they can be made in selected regions at this stage, with prices for the X1 Fold starting at a staggering, but understandable $2 499 (~R42 581), with the device shipping a few weeks thereafter. For now, no word on South African availability, but it’s clear that the X1 Fold will be for early adopters only.

Perhaps of more interest to discerning consumers, is the ThinkPad X1 Nano. It is a more traditional notebook form factor, but carries the distinction of being Lenovo’s lightest ThinkPad ever at 907g.

Added to this is the ability to fit up to Intel 11 Gen i7 processors, and Iris Xe graphics, which is said to yield 20 percent better performance on office tasks, twice the game streaming capability and 2.7 times faster results on content creation, according to Lenovo.

You can also get up to a 2K Dolby Vision certified 13″ display (touch versions also available) on the X1 Nano, as well as 5G supporting flavours and enhanced biometric functionality for security.

The X1 Nano is slated for release in Q4 this year, although a precise date is unknown. The current RRP starts at $1 399 (~R23 785), but again, local details are yet to be confirmed.