Doom is now playable on *spins wheel* a pregnancy test

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The chaotic energy of 2020 continues into September as the original Doom – likely the most fan-ported game in existence – can now be played on a pregnancy test. Yes, a pregnancy test, a device that is made to be urinated upon, not to play videogames.

This comes to us from @Foone, someone we’ve featured before for creating weird keyboards. The last time we wrote about this maker it was earlier this year for a binary keyboard.

So what the hell is going on here? A big part of this project is unsurprisingly an odd pregnancy test that features a monochrome screen. @Foone documents finding this here and taking it apart to see how it works.

Unfortunately the components inside are rather bare bones, including the screen which can only display a set amount of images, and the CPU which cannot be reprogrammed. Because of this these components were replaced.

@Foone initially made these replacements and used the tester as a screen, but Doom itself could only be displayed as a video. This just wasn’t enough, so now it can actually be played.

Above is a slim section of the game. It’s difficult to see on the monochrome screen, but it is being played.

Because the hardware was swapped out you’re not going to be able to just buy one of these pregnancy testers and have it running Doom, or anything else, right out of the box. @Foone has, however, noted that more details are coming soon for those who want to replicate the work here.

“anyway I’ll be posting more details on how this works (and a basic HOW TO guide) soon,” the maker adds.

This kind of modification is needed when you’re working on ridiculous projects like this. For example, when we saw Doom Eternal running on Game Boy Color, that also involved hardware trickery to create a facsimile.

As a way to watch video the modified tester has also been used for another game staple: Skyrim.

(Foone on Twitter) Skyrim on a pregnancy test, for the true “sons and daughters” of Skyrim! from r/skyrim

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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