How to get a free $10 Epic Games Store coupon

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Rocket League has now made the jump from paid game into the free to play market, and its owner Epic is enticing new and returning players to try it out with a $10 coupon.

Between now and 23rd October 2020 adding Rocket League to your Epic Games account will net you the coupon. It’s that simple.

The full step by step process, if needed, is as follows.

  1. Go the Rocket league Epic Games Store page
  2. Click on “get”
  3. Click “place order” on the checkout page

You can double check that the coupon has made its way into your account. Click on your username in the top right corner of the Epic Games Store and then click on “coupons”.

The $10 discount awarded from Rocket League has the rather unimaginative associated blue image you see above. It really exudes “graphic design is my passion” energy.

Like all of Epic’s coupons a minimum purchase is required to get your discount – $14.99.

The current localised pricing and currency support on Epic is rather weird right now. Many currencies are supported but some territories – like here in South Africa – are not. That being said we do have localised pricing, so while we are buying in USD those prices are different compared to the US.

In terms of how coupon works Epic provides this table to highlight the values of each and the minimum purchase required:

Currency Minimum purchase Coupon Discount Value
USD 14.99 10
EUR 14.99 10
BRL 59.99 40
PLN 59.99 40
UAH 399.00 300
GBP 13.99 10
RUB 899.00 650
JPY 1,480 1,000
TRY 79.99 60
KRW 15,000 11,000
CAD 20.99 14
AUD 22.99 15
SEK 140 95
NOK 100 65
DKK 140 95
Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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