Kuba to assist 50 local entrepreneurs with its Job Booster Programme

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It is well documented that COVID-19 and lockdown has delivered devastating blows to the South African economy, with many a business having to shutter its doors as a result. In order to assist those in the micro business industry, namely entrepreneurs, Kuba has announced a new Job Booster Programme.

For those unfamiliar with Kuba, it is a dedicated online ecosystem for small business development. Earlier this month, the platform secured the necessary funding and has since partnered with Job Booster, an international youth employment program driven by the Woord en Daad Foundation in the Netherlands.

The pair will now pilot the Job Booster Programme, where 50 entrepreneurs will be equipped with business training via Kuba’s online courses as well as access to their GrowMyBiz starter kit.

“We believed that the lockdown regulations presented an opportunity to empower our users with educational courses that will assist them to navigate the current norm. It resulted in the launch of the Kuba Job Booster Programme,” explains Jacques Sibomana, founder and MD of Kuba.

“We’ll be enabling individuals to scale small businesses, increase revenue for themselves and create jobs for others,” he adds.

The potential for the programme outside of its initial pilot is to foster a greater environment and culture for startups and micro businesses to thrive locally, the partner companies note.

“This funding agreement signed by Jacques and his team isn’t just a Kuba win, but a win for our entire entrepreneurial network and the greater start-up community,” says Charmaine Lambert of Absa Work in Progress.

“The lockdown had devastating effects on so many small businesses and we’re immensely proud that a member of our community found an opportunity in tough times and is sharing it with other entrepreneurs who want to make a difference,” she concludes.

To find out more about the Job Booster Programme, head here.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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