New armour sets and Ritual weapon detailed in latest Destiny 2 developer update

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With most of Destiny 2 being deleted (at least temporarily) come November, the list of weapons and armour available to players has been looking mighty short.

Of course, we weren’t worried as November is still a few months out and Bungie has a habit of leaving an air of mystery around its releases.

Thankfully, we’ve now been given a slice of information regarding gear, specifically what will be on offer to grind for come the release of Beyond Light.

Let’s start with Beloved, or as it’s referred to by name in its image title, Adored.

Beloved makes a return under the name, Adored.

This Sniper Rifle will be available to earn during Season 12 of Destiny 2. Players will pick up a quest from Banshee-44 that relates to the sort of content you prefer playing.

Following this week’s This Week at Bungie update, you will be able to earn this weapon through the Strikes, Crucible or Gambit playlists. Bungie does warn that you should pick carefully as once you pick a path, you’re locked to it.

Once unlocked, ornaments can be earned through quests obtained from Zavala, Shaxx or Drifter. This, is rather nice as usually we’re stuck with having to buy ornaments or hope they drop from bright engrams. Good job Bungie.

In terms of armour there will be one set added to the core playlists every year. This means you can pick up new armour from Strikes, Gambit and Crucible with decals unique to that activity. Personally I’m not a fan of this but it makes sense given that weapon and armour sunsetting mean a lot of gear is simply going to be wiped from your account.

Playlist changes

Bungie has also revealed how much is being taken out of the various playlists in Destiny 2.

In Crucible the following modes will be featured regularly:

  • Control
  • Elimination
  • Rumble
  • Survival (and Survival: Freelance)
  • Weekly rotators: Clash, Mayhem, Showdown

Trials of Osiris will return every weekend and the good news is that Adept weapons will be returning in Season 12.

Iron Banner will also feature from time to time and a new Iron Banner: Freelance mode will be introduced.

As for Strikes, Daily Heroic Adventures and the Nightfall playlist will be removed from the playlist. Players will now have the option of Strikes and Nightfall: The Ordeal.

There is talk of adding Adept weapons to Strikes but this will likely only happen in Season 13.

Finally, the problem child of Destiny 2 – Gambit.

When Beyond Light hits in November Gambit and Gambit Prime will become one mode.

This mode is basically Gambit Prime though the enemies have been tweaked and all that Gambit Prime armour you’ve grinded for will not be effective.

Bungie says that overall the mode is quicker which is good news for the made folks like us who quite enjoy a game of Gambit.

That’s it for now but before we forget, Bungie has revealed a slice of information about Stasis sub-classes for Warlock, Titan and Hunter. Click the appropriate links to be taken to Bungie’s showcase.

[Source – Bungie]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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