PlayStation Plus, Switch Online no longer needed for Rocket League

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Back in July we learned that Rocket league would be going free to play – and leaving Steam – but now in September there’s more good news as even less money will be required to play the game online.

On PlayStation 4, PlayStation Plus will no longer be needed. Similarly on the Nintendo Switch, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription will no longer be needed.

Unfortunately in the announcement of this news there’s no mention of the Xbox One version of the game. This means that an Xbox Live Gold subscription will still be required to get online in Rocket League. With PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch now having free access to this online feature, the Xbox One port is the lone standout.

While the online subscription requirements are arguably the most important part of this announcement, other details accompany it.

A new bot difficulty has been added, default controls will be changed for new players, the Rocket ID friends list will be become the Epic Friends list (in line with Epic Games accounts) and the following quick chat options are being added:

  • Faking.
  • Bumping!
  • On your left.
  • On your right.
  • Passing!

For the incoming new players that will likely flood the game once it becomes free, the new player experience has also been tweaked.

“When people pick up Rocket League for the first time following the launch of free to play, we want to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible once they hit the field. That’s why there will be a new experience for new players when they first fire up the game. The new tutorial will put new players right on the field, and will teach the basic HUD and button layout. New players will also have New Driver Challenges to unlock items that were included in the base version of Rocket League,” reads a post on the official site.

For those who have already put many hours into the game competitive seasons and ranks have also been changed up with more details available here.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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