As more retailers prepare to welcome shoppers under alert level 1 lockdown, there is also the not so small matter of Black Friday to consider.

Having become a highly anticipated event locally in recent years, 2020’s version is shaping up to be a little different compared to previous years, with COVID-19 being a big reason why.

To that end, both Game and Makro have announced a change up to their usual formats for annual sale, with deals happening throughout the month of November, compared to just three to five days, as has been the case previously.

“Black Friday traditionally sees high concentrations of shoppers in retail stores across the country, which can create a challenging shopping environment. Therefore, we have taken the decision to reimagine the way we do Black Friday in 2020,” says Brian Leroni, Massmart corporate affairs executive.

“In an effort to create a more consumer-friendly Black Friday experience while adhering to all Covid-19 and social distancing protocols, Makro and Game have taken the decision to extend the duration of our Black Friday promotion,” he adds.

To that end, deals can be expected to run from 2nd to 29th November at both retailers, with Game in particular stating that it will be sharing more information regarding its plans for the month-long event in coming weeks.

“To further improve the shopping experience during this period, Game and Makro have, after analysing the Black Friday shopper information available to us, taken the decision to provide our customers with more opportunity and time to benefit from the Black Friday prices by rather releasing new Black Friday deals each week during the month of November,” Leroni points out.

“These unbeatable specials will only run for the week in which they are announced, and will not be offered again – so we encourage shoppers to take advantage of the deals each week, rather than waiting until the end of November as they normally would,” he concludes.

With other major retailers, both physical and online, expected to announce similar plans for the event that extend beyond the usual week-long event, local consumers should keep an eye out for more announcements.

As such, it may be a good time to start saving, that is if you have money to save. For Hypertext, it should be interesting to see what kind of interest there is in a month-long version of the annual sale locally, as well as what kinds of items are discounted during November.