It is no secret that YouTube wants to get you to become a Premium subscriber, given the frequency of its free offer notifications routinely popping up on the platform. Now it looks like YouTube is trying to bait users into signing up for the Premium tier by dangling the carrot that is experimental features.

To that end, YouTube confirms that Premium subscribers will get limited time access to experimental features for the platform, such as voice search for the web-based version of the site or filtering topics by additional languages outside of English.

Access to these experimental features were previously offered at random to users until mid-September, but it now looks like YouTube wants to use them to sweeten the deal for any prospective Premium users.

As mentioned earlier, access to these experimental features is for a limited, with most only available until 20th or 27th October.

Focusing on the features on offer, there are currently three listed by YouTube.

The first is only available to those with iOS, and allows users to watch and search within videos without having to leave the home screen. This specific feature access expires on 20th October.

Next is voice search from your browser, naturally only on Chrome for now, which too expires on 20th October.

Rounding off the trio is the ability to filter topics in Spanish, French, or Portuguese at the top of the home screen, which will remain accessible until 27th October.

As for why YouTube has chosen to do this, remains to be seen, but it is a little disappointing to see that access is no longer being offered at random. Hopefully that changes down the line, with this current access only being a temporary measure.

If you’re keen on becoming a YouTube Premium subscriber, monthly pricing is at R71.99 currently, following the expiry of free access, with the big selling point of course being its ad-free functionality.