2014’s Ziggurat is considered by many, all these years later, to be the gold standard for FPS games that use roguelike elements. Now in 2020 it’s getting a sequel that will be out this month, albeit in Early Access.

The simply named Ziggurat 2 arrives in Early Access on 22nd October, so those eager to dive in won’t have to wait long.

While that date is still a good couple of weeks from now we already have a launch trailer, embedded below. Things still look very much like Ziggurat albeit shinier and smoother, as you’d expect for a sequel.

On the game’s Steam page we can learn a bit more about the new additions to the series and what Early Access has in store for those who choose to play early.

Developer and publisher Milkstone Studios states that we can expect to see Ziggurat 2 in Early Access for between sixth and nine months depending on feedback from players.

“After more than a year in development, Ziggurat 2 is in a stage where we think it’s playable and fun. While there’s still a lot of content to add, we think it’s a good time to start gathering user feedback and help us determine which direction to follow in order to make the best game possible,” Milkstone Studios writes.

The exact amount of content available in this unfinished version hasn’t been explicitly stated but the dev does state that this version will have around half the amount of items compared to the theoretical 1.0 release.

Ziggurat 2 will have some big shoes to fill. Hades, the isometric Greek mythology roguelike from Supergiant Games, recently left Early Access too and it has received almost universal praise. The roguelike genre and its many forks, including shooters, have come a long way since 2014. We hope this new title will be able to compete as we’re always happy to see more games in this genre pop up.

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