Just a few hours ago Fall Guys season two was released which means that the public can jump into the new files and poke around to find some unreleased content.

Because of this we now have strong evidence that skins based on Sonic the Hedgehog, Geralt of Rivia and Untitled Goose Game and more will all be coming to the game.

The source for some of these leaks is twitter users @HypexFG and @FallMix. The former is a reliable source when it comes to this type of information as it revealed the Valve and Devolver Digital skins in the game which were then revealed as authentic and released to the public. @HypexFG has corroborated information from @FallMix so it’s very likely these skins and crossovers are on the horizon.

The bad news is that, at least at the time of writing, only the Sonic skin has an image accompanying it:

As for The Witcher @FallMix reports that the costume will be called “Bathtime Geralt” and a faceplate will join the costume.

For Untitled Goose Game there will be three costumes with one each for the goose, the groundskeeper and the wimp.

As for why no leaked images are available yet it’s apparently because the files aren’t in the public version of the game just yet, suggesting that the Sonic crossover will be first with the other two to follow.

In other crossover news John Rambo will be a playable fighter in Mortal Kombat 11.