Back in June former CEO of Liquid Telecom South Africa, Reshaad Sha, announced his resignation from the company to pursue an AI venture in newcomer BriteGaze.

At the time, it was unclear who would be stepping in to fill Sha’s role, but now Liquid Telecom has confirmed that Deon Geyser will be the company’s new chief executive officer, effective 1st January 2021.

“Geyser will be responsible for overseeing the strategic repositioning of the company as Liquid Intelligent Technologies and the execution of the new strategic direction of providing an integrated technology capability that enables customers to transform their business through new intelligent technologies.,” the company confirmed in a statement.

“We are delighted to welcome Deon to Liquid Telecom South Africa. He is a proven leader and his strong knowledge of both the local market and the continent, extensive management experience in both the public and private sector and the track records in digital transformation makes him ideally placed to continue Liquid’s next chapter of growth and sustainability, as well as to achieve its successful repositioning,” added Group CEO, Ahmad Mokhles, regarding Geyser’s appointment.

As for his credentials and experience to date, Liquid Telecom says Geyser holds a master’s degree in engineering management, as well as bachelor’s degrees in electronic engineering and IT from the University of Johannesburg.

Prior to joining the firm, he has held senior management positions at Siemens and Millicom International Cellular (Tigo). His most recent position was that of head of Southern Africa and Vodafone Africa for Nokia since 2014.

“Liquid is a very strong company and I am truly honored to be chosen to lead the business into the next stage of its strategic development. Liquid has a ground-breaking view on transforming business through technology, supported by a strong and talented team, a solid customer base and an exciting customer value proposition,” noted Geyer following his appointment.

“I look forward to continue building out its growth and to unlock value for shareholders and broader stakeholders alike,” he concluded.

With Liquid Telecom having made significant strides both locally, and throughout vast parts of the African continent in recent years, it should prove interesting to see if he can keep that momentum going.