Gaming-focused office chairs have a nasty reputation of looking terrible, even if they happen to be comfortable to sit in. To address this, earlier this month, Cooler Master challenged the community to take matters into their own hands and design something better.

Cooler Master’s judges have now picked out the 10 finalists and opened up the event for the community to vote on their favourite. The redesigned Caliber R2 chair with the most votes will be turned into a production model, albeit as a special limited edition.

The winner will receive just one copy of their winning chair design, made real, as a prize. For everyone else, however, there is incentive to vote.

Everyone who takes part in the event will receive a discount on the chair once it’s available to buy. The breakdown of these prices are as follows:

  • People who submitted a design: $209 / €179.95 (around R3 435 / R3 487)
  • People who voted: $254 / €219.95 (around R4 174 / R4 262)
  • Regular customers: $299 / €259.95 (around R4 914 / R5 037)

Since it was announcement the contest has changed a bit. Now everyone who votes on the 10 top picks, on top of receiving a discount code, will have a chance to outright win a chair themselves.

You can make your way to the dedicated contest page to cast your vote.

The 10 designs from the community can be seen in our gallery below. Click on the image to better see it or the description provided by the designer.

Our favourite of the bunch is “Inspiration” by Nich Nahuel. The pale white, orange and blue colours remind of heavily of the Gulf Oil livery made famous by several racing cars and replicated endlessly over the years.

You have between now and 19th October to vote, with the winner scheduled to be announced on 20th October.

Cooler Master held a contest very similar to this earlier in the year, albeit for its MM711 mouse.