Season two of The Mandalorian is still more than a month away, but we thankfully have another trailer to watch until then.

Called “Special Look” this trailer actually reveals quite a lot, so maybe skip this one if you want to go into the new season completely blind.

From the first trailer released in mid-September, we now have a rough timeline of events for this season: Din Djarin seeks out other Mandalorians for guidance about The Child / Baby Yoda, and then is instructed to search the galaxy for the Jedi to return it to.

Din Djarin then returns to Greef Karga (played by Carl Weathers) and Cara Dune (Gina Carano) for another adventure in a galaxy far, far away.

In this new trailer we also see some returning aspects from the first season – the Razor Crest ship being damaged and needing repairs, the Whistling bird weapon and the jetpack. It looks like Din Djarin did, in fact, get one of those.

The Mandalorian season two launches on 30th October only on Disney+. Unfortunately this service is still not available in many countries such as here in South Africa. This means that for us unlucky residents of those countries there is no legal way for us to watch this show at all.

With this show being arguably the best reason to subscribe to the streaming service, many are holding out hope that more countries will receive support before the launch of season two. With around 40 days left for that to happen there’s still time, but maybe that’s wishful thinking talking.