When lockdown struck in March the sale of alcohol was banned in South Africa.

For alcohol delivery app Bottles this was a problem as its entire business model was rendered unworkable with one government order.

But Bottles pivoted quickly to offer grocery deliveries through Pick n Pay and the partnership has seemingly proved incredibly successful.

This is because, as part of its interim results presentation, Pick n Pay announced that it would be acquiring Bottles.

“The past seven months have seen a surge in demand for online groceries in South Africa. Together with our franchise partners, we have responded by expanding the number of stores which deliver or offer click and collect services. Our sales growth has more than doubled, and we have seen a 200 percent increase in active customers,” Pick n Pay chief executive officer, Richard Brasher, said during an earnings call.

That 200 percent increase in active customers is absolutely huge for Pick n Pay though we would love to know what sort of activity other apps have seen since lockdown.

The CEO said that the delivery service has proved incredibly with customers and has become the “best-rated app by customers in the sector”.

“We are therefore delighted to be acquiring Bottles. It will enable us to build on the tremendous momentum we have achieved by integrating the Bottles business into our existing online offer, and applying Bottles’ agility, innovation and marketing flair across our platform,” said Brasher.

The acquisition is expected to conclude in November and the price Pick n Pay paid is an unknown for now according to Business Day.

As of time of writing, Bottles does not deliver to our area but strangely OneCart offers deliveries from Pick n Pay. Whether that will change come November remains to be seen. Hopefully this acquisition helps increase the reach of the service, even if we are constantly and consistently blown away by the service we’ve experienced from Checkers Sixty60.

With that having been said, more options to get your groceries delivered to you is fantastic and with the likes of Uber Eats now offering schedule one and two medication delivery, the reason’s to leave the house are dwindling by the day.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]