Apple recently showcased its latest range of smartphones with four new iPhones. For fans of the brand, it likely means they’ll be mulling over purchasing one of the new devices.

Budget allowing, purchasing the new iPhone 12 is only the first step of the process, with all the contacts, photos, videos and other forms of data you’ve accumulated over the years needing to be quickly and easily transferred from your old device onto your new one.

This is where MobiMover from EaseUS comes in, making what would normally be a chore, a pleasure instead.

Compatible with Windows 10 and macOS, EaseUS MobiMover is available in a few different tiers depending on the operating system you’re using.

For Windows 10 users, there is a Free, Pro and Tech tiers. The latter two will require a purchase, but this also affords you access to more features within the EaseUS MobiMover suite, such as the ability to transfer and backup your WhatsApp chat history.

Added to this is 24/7 technical support should it ever be needed, with the Pro tier also boasting the ability to use one license on multiple devices, which the Free version does not.

If you’re already a part of the Apple ecosystem and have a Mac, there are only two tiers – Free and Pro. Both boast all the same features, with the only difference being a limitation on how many files you transfer per day on the Free version.

If you’re interested in doing any of the above with your new iPhone 12, or any iPhone for that matter, we go through the process step-by-step on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, but before that, let’s look more closely at how to set up EaseUS MobiMover.

Once you’ve downloaded the software, simply connect your two iOS devices (EaseUS MobiMover works on all iOS devices) to your PC or Mac.

From there the program will automatically load, with you then given the option of transferring data from your PC to Phone, Phone to PC, and Phone to Phone. Click the option “Phone to Phone”, you can select “Contacts”. Hit the Transfer button and you’re on your way to having all that data at your fingertips. Once the transfer is completed, you can check the Contacts on your new iPhone.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the EaseUS MobiMover application, let’s look at some other unique features it boasts, and how to use them.

Firstly, Social App Manager, with the ability to transfer and back up WhatsApp chats from iPhone as well as the ability to restore the WhatsApp backup.

Read here for how to backup WhatsApp without iCloud.

EaseUS MobiMover is a particularly useful third-party tool for those wanting to backup, especially if you want to avoid using the iCloud as an option. As such, it will allow you to back up your WhatsApp chats, photos, videos, attachments, and any other data from your iPhone to your computer, or restore your previous WhatsApp backup to iPhone from PC .

Much like the initial setup we outlined earlier, this process is also easy and straightforward.

Once you’ve connected your iPhone to your PC or Mac, launch the EaseUS MobiMover application. In the menu you’ll see an option for WhatsApp on the left hand side, select it. Then select the backup option. This will prompt you to choose a save location for the backup, which you will need to wait to complete in order to successfully create a backup. Once done, you’ll have the backup saved in a HTML/CVS/PDF file on your device.

Another feature we recommend is video downloader tool provided by EaseUS MobiMover. People can easily download videos from sites like YouTube to their PC or iPhone, simply pasting the video’s url to EaseUS MobiMover and click to start.

With a new range of iPhones being released each year, having access to a tool that allows you to safely and easily transfer data when needed, is a must. Luckily, EaseUS MobiMover does precisely that.

To find out more about the third-party tool, head here.

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