At this afternoon’s [email protected] conference, the firm announced something rather incredible if it happens to work.

SigridWave, as Acer calls it, claims to be able to translate voice communications for gaming in real time.

The technology will enter a closed beta testing period later this year but from what Acer told us during its press conference this translation tool seems game changing.

What makes SigridWave unique is that it has been trained specifically for the purpose of gaming. This, Acer says, helps with translating the jargon associated with gaming such as “camping” and “ADS”.

The AI has been trained with 1 000 hours of game-centric speech and the transcript of that speech to accurately relay messages to users in a language they understand.

Acer explains how SigridWave works in a bit more detail below.

“When in-game, SigridWave employs Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to recognize utterances and convert them into strings of text. This text is then ran through a Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology, which has so far been trained with over 10 million bilingual sentence pairs, enabling it to understand the terminology associated with specific games (such as ‘ADS’ or ‘camping’) and learn how players express themselves.”

As with most AI, SigridWave will likely get better as more people use it and it has more data to draw from.

To that end, SigridWave will be available through Acer’s Planet 9 platform. The closed beta testing will be limited to translations between English and Mandarin Chinese in first person shooter titles such as Rainbow Six Siege.

We’re going to keep a close eye on this service as it looks rather promising, provided it can translate more than two languages of course.