The University of South Africa (Unisa) is beginning its second ever online examination period to cap off 2020. To assist students in this regard, those registered for the second semester of the year have been provided with free mobile data.

This was announced last week and, at the time, the university stated that more information about the mobile data and how to get it would be coming soon.

In a statement made recently it has been revealed that this process was / is automatic, and registered students will receive it without extra effort on their part.

“We have great news! We have provided all Unisa students living in South Africa with 30GB per month (10 anytime and 20GB night owl) for the period 19 October 2020 to 18 December 2020 on the cellphone number Unisa has on record for you. This means you will receive 30GB (10 anytime and 20GB night owl) twice, once in October and once in November. If you want to check your data, view it on your Mobile Network Operator’s app,” the statement adds.

The initial reveal of this data last week urged students to update their contact number to reflect the one they would be using for the online exams. At 08:00 local time on 17th October these numbers were gathered by Unisa and provided with data where applicable.

The big South Africa telecom companies are supported here – Cell C, MTN, Telkom and Vodacom – but this is limited to students in South Africa.

We’ve spoken to a few students and they have already received this data, again without the need to do anything aside from having the right number attached to their student account.

If you are a South African Unisa student, registered for the second semester of 2020 with a valid number, and you do not have your free mobile data yet, it is encouraged that you contact the university.

The address provided by Unisa for this purpose is [email protected].