At the beginning of October Department of Basic Education (DBE) Minister, Angie Motshekga, started an official governmental countdown to the Matric exams of 2020. We’re now so close to the start of the exam season that the days left until it begins is in the single digits.

Today, 26th October 2020, the official DBE released a graphic (above) which indicates the amount of days left together with a piece of advice for the exams. Other pieces of recent advice includes the noting the varying levels of difficulty between exams and following a stud schedule. These little bits of information make the countdown a bit more useful and not just a menacing, dwindling number.

The 2020 Matric exams begin on 5th November and end on 15th December. This should mean that there are 10 days left until exams begin, but maybe the DBE is counting the days differently.

Regardless, when students do begin to sit and write their papers, it will mark the largest event of its kind in the country. An estimated 1 058 699 students are set to partake in these exams.

After the last papers are handed in on 15th December the marking will begin with results scheduled to be in by 22nd January. This is a rather short amount of time considering that each of those more than million students will be writing multiple exams each. Hopefully the department can cope and deliver these results, though delays and moving dates have very much been the theme of South Africa and the result of the world due to COVID-19.

Resources for Matrics: 

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