Popular game engine and creation tool Unity has partnered with LEGO to create a new Microgame that encourages people to dip their collective toe into videogame development and learn the basics.

“If you ever loved building with LEGO bricks, this Microgame is the perfect place to start a new creative journey and make your first game — it’s free and there’s no coding experience required. Built in partnership with LEGO Games, this global release follows an open beta period and marks the first time the LEGO Group’s System in Play and LEGO Minifigures have come to the Unity Editor,” reads an announcement.

This initiative guides absolute beginners from opening up the programme to creating a playable game in less than 60 minutes.

Like many beginner programming initiatives this doesn’t start off by asking the user to begin typing code right away, and instead uses a graphical interface much like Scratch and its many contemporaries. The programming blocks you need to connect together here are called “Behaviour Bricks”.

The timing of this release is fortuitous as LEGO recently released its redesigned Mindstorms platform. While the focus of Mindstorms is creating robots and other smart machines, it also uses a block-based programming system, albeit inside of an app. While there’s no official compatibility between the two giving newcomers a similar way to interact with software is welcome.

If you’d like to give the LEGO X Unity Microgame a try it is, as mentioned above, free. Go to this dedicated site and click on the “get started” button and go from there. It will require downloading the Unity software, so keep that in mind.

We also recommend checking out this Unity blog post which explains a bit more about what you’ll be doing in this experience before you jump in. The post has embedded video tutorials for those who prefer to learn by watching instead of reading. You can see an overview trailer too below.