It seems like every second day a new crossover is announced in the world of gaming and today is no different with Fall Guys set to receive Godzilla content next week.

“Beginning November 3, through a limited time only, fans will have the opportunity to use the all-new Godzilla skin available to players for 10 Crowns total. Featuring Godzilla’s trademark features such as its three rows of dorsal fins, the character has been designed to fit right into the Fall Guys world, including different colors depending on what the game calls for,” reads an announced from Godzilla owner Toho.

The 10 crown cost for these costumes is the norm so it will require players to either have a stash saved up or the need to grind out wins before 3rd November. The fact that this is a limited event also means that players will need to move fast if they want to grab the costume before it’s gone.

Godzilla joins a bevy of other franchises already represented in Fall Guys such as Portal, Half-Life, Sonic the Hedgehog, Enter the Gungeon and My Friend Pedro. Even more crossovers are coming in the future according to leaks, including The Witcher and Untitled Goose Game.

While these crossovers don’t really need any justification – aside from “it’s cool” – one has been provided here.

“There are many parallels to be drawn between the mighty Godzilla and an average Fall Guy; they are both fiercely competitive, they battle on an international stage with incredibly high stakes, they always get back up after being knocked down, and according to worrying reports from our social media channels, they are both much taller than you’d expect,” writes VP of Creative at Fall Guys developer Mediatonic, Jeff Tanton.

The remark about height refers to several mentions of characters in the game being unusually tall.

Aside from the promotional image you can see above the official Fall Guys Twitter account has also released a short gif of the costume (see below).