Much like games it seems consoles now have launch trailers too, at least going by what Sony is doing for the PlayStation 5.

This trailer – or “global launch spot” as it’s being called – has a focus on exploration and visiting new virtual worlds.

It’s intercut with real world exploration achievements with famous people and machines. For the latter it looks like the Bloodhound, Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird and NASA Apollo Saturn V all make appearances, or are at least alluded to.

“The theme of the spot is centered around the idea of exploration. There is a desire in all of us to explore and discover new possibilities, whether it’s in gaming, or in our everyday lives. We all want to go to places we’ve never been, see what’s never been seen. We tell the story by paying homage to explorers of the past who stood on the threshold of the unknown and pushed past their limits to achieve the extraordinary.” writes Eric Lempel, SVP, PlayStation Worldwide Marketing, SIE.

The narrator of the piece is Travis Scott, who Lempel calls “our new strategic creative partner”. Given that phrase we wouldn’t be surprised to see more of Scott in upcoming PlayStation 5 marketing as we get closer to the 19th November release date of the console.

Scott is getting more involved in the gaming community it seems. He famously worked with Epic to host a concert inside of Fortnite that was watched by more than 12 million people.

Here in South Africa the PlayStation 5 will launch on the same day as the rest of the world so local players can get stuck in as soon as possible. It starts at R9 999 for the Digital Edition, and goes up to R12 999 for the console which features a disc drive.

Early impressions of the console are available online as multiple outlets got their hands on the hardware. We’ll also have local coverage for you as we get closer to mid-November.